Vegan American Pancakes, baby!

It’s a Sunday morning tradition in our house to have pancakes for breakfast. These are the best pancakes ever and I’ll tell you for why.
Firstly, normal pancakes with egg and milk in, fried in oil, give me the trots.
Secondly, my mister can’t eat them because he has a dairy and egg allergy.
And last but by no means least, this is a super important point for me. Whenever I see vegan pancake recipes, they always include weird health food ingredients like flax seeds or have porridge oats or bananas as a base. They always come out flat, gritty and tasteless. Why bother?!
My pancakes have a super easy recipe and uses normal ingredients you will have in your cupboards so you won’t need to take a trip to the health food store to buy a massive bag of some random ingredient that you only need a teaspoon of. And THAT is why these pancakes are absolutely the best vegan pancakes ever. This recipe makes great big, thick, fluffy american pancakes. Yum yum!

Lets get crackin’



Dairy free milk
self-raising flour
baking powder





The first thing you need to do is pour 2 cups of milk into a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to it.
Just leave it whilst you are getting the rest of the ingredients together. When you come back to it, it will have thickened like buttermilk.
I know it sounds strange but trust me, the pancakes will not taste of vinegar.




baking powder

It is super important that you only use Baking Powder and not Baking Soda.

Baking soda will make your pancakes taste horrible!





add milk to flour  mix

medium heat




Spray your pan with oil. I use sunflower fry-light on a medium heat. You can use any oil you want but I find the pancakes too greasy if you use oil that isn’t in a spray bottle.
I wanted to make big pancakes this time but you can fry 2 or 3 at a time if you want them a bit smaller.





add toppings



The best part is adding the toppings. I like berries the best but you can add vegan chocolate, nuts, bananas etc






top with syrup

Big, fat, fluffy pancakes! YUM!


  • 2 cups Self-raising Flour
  • 2 cups Dairy Free Milk
  • 2 tbsp Vinegar
  • 2 tbsp Sugar
  • 4 tsp Baking Powder NOT SODA!
  • Fry-Light or other spray oil
  • Toppings and fillings you like =)


  1. Pour milk into a bowl and add vinegar. Leave it whilst you get other ingredients together.
  2. Put self-raising flour into a big bowl.
  3. Add sugar and baking powder to the flour.
  4. Add milk and vinegar mixture to the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly with a whisk.
  5. Heat frying pan to a medium heat and spray in some oil.
  6. Drop a ladle full of pancake mixture into the pan and add some toppings.
  7. Bubbles will start to form on top of the pancake. You will know when to flip the pancake when the bubbles stop popping or the top of the pancake goes from shiny to matt.
  8. Flip the pancake over and let it fry for another 30 seconds to a minute.
  9. Pop it on a plate and add all the toppings you like. Then get STUCK IN! =D

I hope you make these pancakes and love them as much as I do.

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Somebody needs to kindly explain to me, what is wrong with a bit of self-indulgence!?
Last week I heard so many people say ‘That’s a bit self-indulgent’, ‘ugh, it’s just so self-indulgent’, ‘Don’t you think it’s a bit self-indulgent?’, ‘It’s just a bit self-indulgent, isn’t it?’

I found myself saying ‘So? What’s wrong with being self-indulgent?’

I mean, all in moderation right? As long as it’s not hurting anyone I can’t see what’s wrong with it. I think we should all be more self-indulgent!

Everybody works so hard these days and is put under so much pressure to have the perfect job, home, family etc. Maybe it’s time we all took a bit of time out of our busy schedules to be more self-indulgent. Whether it’s going to the gym 5 times a week, getting your nails done once a fortnight, having a bottle of wine in the bath on a Saturday night or videoing yourself on the train home for your vlog. Whatever your vice is, why should others have the right to get us down about it? We deserve some ‘me time’ everyone does.
What happened to the ‘wellbeing’ in health and wellbeing? The wellbeing bit is as important if not more important because it’s the bit that keeps us mentally sane.

in the bathLast Saturday at the salon, I was so exhausted from such a busy week that I came home at the end of the day and decided to get straight in the bath. I turned on the hot tap, found my favourite peony scented bath melt  and to top it off, I had a bottle of fizz calling me from the fridge. I popped open the bottle and poured myself a glass and took it up to the bath. By the time the bath was ready I had finished my glass so went back downstairs for a refill. I thought ‘f… it. I’m taking the bottle up’
So there I was, lay in the bath, bath melt fizzing away, glass in one hand, bottle on the floor next to the bath and an episode of Housewives of Atlanta on the tablet. Self-indulgent or what?
I felt soooo much better after a long bath, hot shower and an episode of my guilty pleasure.

I say we all spend a bit more time getting self-indulgent because, after all, we’re going to perform much better after a bit of ‘me time’.
Go on, have that glass of wine with your dinner or shot of whisky before bed. Leave the kids with their Dad and take the dog for a walk around the block. Stay an extra half an hour at the golf course. Leave work on your lunch break and get your nails done. Sit in bed and watch a movie. You have my permission to go and do something just for you, something self-indulgent.
And to all you haters of self-indulgence, you should try some for yourself. Trust me, you’ll feel much better.


Vegan Hot Chocolate

When your better half has a dairy allergy you get pretty good at making vegan/dairy free alternatives.
I absolutely love cooking for people, especially Chris. He gets so excited when I make him a treat which he can actually eat without getting sick.
I work so much during the week, most of the time I only come home to sleep.  When it comes to the weekend I love to make him a special breakfast and some treats to last him through the next week. (How he is still skinny, I don’t know)
Getting out all the ingredients and creating something in the kitchen is so relaxing. A bit of me time, focusing on what I’m making. A total distraction from all the other life mess.
This time of year, the first frost, pumpkins, scarves and hats. Everyone loves a great hot chocolate. But my Mister always misses out.
I’m not sure if I can call this Hot Chocolate ‘vegan’ as I don’t always use strict vegan products. However, it is definitely plant based, animal product free and Chris friendly.
You can add marshmallows, dairy free cream, cinnamon, anything you like really!

chocolate chips

in a blendercocoa powder


add sugar


store in jar

2-3 tsp

add milk




  • Add chocolate, cocoa, cornstarch and sugar to a blender (this is when you would add any flavours. Cinnamon is yummy)
  • Blend until you have a powder consistency.
  • Poor into a jar for storage.
  • Put 2-3 tsp in a mug
  • Add boiling water and give it a good stir.
  • Pour in a splash of dairy free milk
  • Add marshmallows and dairy free cream for a super yummy treat




How do you measure success?

success meaning

How do you measure success?
By how much money you earn? Whether you have a degree? How high your IQ is? How many cars you own? How big your house is? How in shape you are?
Which brands you buy? Whether you’ve made good investments? If you have your own business? Have a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, children?

Write “successful” in your search engine and you will see lots of pictures of men in suits, women exercising and cartoon characters walking up stairs made out of coins.

Now think of the people in your life who you know personally who you think are successful.

me n dad

The first person I think of is my Dad. It is highly likely that I am biased. However, my Dad doesn’t wear a suit to work, he doesn’t have lots of money, cars or property and let’s be honest; he could lose a few inches around the tummy.
My Dad may not be what society calls successful because he didn’t go to college and he didn’t buy mine or my sisters’ first car for us or even pay for our driving lessons because he doesn’t (pardon my terminology) shit cash. He doesn’t own a holiday home or a sports car. He hasn’t travelled the world and will probably have to work up until the state retirement age.
I consider him to be successful because after all the hardships he’s been through he has always had hope, faith and determination to provide and care for his family. He and my Mum have been married for 40 years next year and they are still very much in love. He has invested in both mine and my sisters careers and has always shown us love, honesty and faith in the Lord. And we love him to bits. Seriously successful man if you ask me.
Nothing like the results in my Google search.

Putting yourself under so much pressure that you feel miserable or depressed is really not worth it. Is it?

Lets say a footballer earns £250,000 plus a week and a carer earns £300 a week, if they’re lucky. Who is more successful?
The footballer? The carer? The truth is, they’re equally as successful. The footballer trains their whole life to be the best at football. It doesn’t really benefit anyone, lives aren’t being saved but the point is; they’ve sacrificed things in their lives to do what they love to do (I’m sure the salary helps) but not everyone has what it takes to be a premier league footballer.
The carer is equally successful because they sacrifice their own time to benefit someone else’s life.

So remember, if you’re putting yourself under pressure or feeling unsuccessful; Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Therefore, if your aim is to pop down the local for a bevvy and you take that aim and go down the local, buy that pint and drink it. You Sir (or Madam) ARE SUCCESSFUL!

Whether you have a massive house, beach house, farm house, 1 bedroom house, dog house or like watching ‘House’. Your money and possessions or lack of will not protect you or your loved ones from illness or death. We are all made of exactly the same stuff and our value is exactly the same. We all get born, live and die. The only thing we can control is ourselves and how we live so why not dig a little deeper, find the things that make you truly happy and indulge!

The aim of the game is to promote confidence, tolerance and acceptance of yourself.

This is going to sound so cliché,
As a child and a teenager I suffered with anxiety and depression.

Looking back I was never what society wanted me to be. Even at playgroup all the other girls liked pink and yellow and I liked white and black. At primary school the boys played football and the girls played tag and I didn’t enjoy either. I liked to play my piano, go horse riding and make traffic cues with my big box of cars.

High school was the worst. I’ve always been head strong. Anyone who knows me will tell you, if I don’t want to do something I don’t do it. A lot of my friends did the smoking on street corners or down by the local shops, dressing in the same clothes, following trends. Although I got on with everyone, I was never accepted into a click because I didn’t want to follow anyone. I was so low in my teens that I can’t remember very much about what I enjoyed other than listening to music, playing music and discovering new bands.

I remember when I was about 19 years old, at work, picking up a Womans Health magazine on my break and the front page said, something along the lines of, ‘the first step to being happy is accepting yourself’.
I’d never looked at myself in that way before. My mind was just one song playing on repeat, telling me that all I had to do was take my physical self through every day and my soul didn’t even need to think about it or feel anything. Just make the skin and bones move through every day for the rest of my life.
From then on I tried my best to accept myself for who I am.
I’d be lying if I said I was 100% confident in myself. I have insecurities and fears just like everyone else. Good days and bad days.
I’m in my late 20’s living just outside Manchester, England. I’m living at home with my parents and my long term boyf whilst we save for our own home. I own a small beauty salon in Manchester which I am completely in love with. I love my job and my clients; it’s like my own little community of love and positivity. Believe it or not, I don’t have a huge amount of interest in hair and beauty but I’m a nosy betch and love making people feel good.

So, why ‘Normal/Not Normal’
I consider myself pretty normal because I’m pretty unexciting.
I don’t have millions of pounds in the bank or even thousands
I don’t go out partying every weekend
The majority of my clothes aren’t designer
I haven’t been travelling
I’m over weight
I’m currently sat in bed with my boyf whilst I write this and he plays on his PS4

Where am I getting the ‘Not Normal’ bit from?
I’m not normal because I don’t live an expected lifestyle that would be considered ‘Normal’ by society. I’m in my 20’s and I accept myself for what and who I am and I think you should accept yourself too. Because let’s get real for a minute. As long as you’re a good person, how is the rest important?
Whoever you are, doctor, call centre worker, gardener, unemployed, single mum, heir to a billion dollar estate, black, white, getting As at school, getting Ds at school, into classical music, into industrial metal, have a six pack, can drink a 6 pack. IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER! You’re amazing and important. There will still be someone who you mean the absolute world to. You’ll still be someone’s favourite person. And I wish that maybe one day you’ll see yourself the way they see you.
Jeez, society really would get pissed if everyone started thinking for themselves and got some self-esteem. This blogs gonna be shut down before it gets started! Haha!